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May 1, 2020


Hello again,

Many members are understandably wondering when we might be able to get the tennis courts reopened.  Please know the board is actively working on this.  Dawn and Colleen have attended a virtual meeting with Tennis BC and there is also lots of information coming from Tennis Canada. It is a bigger deal than people might think. Feel free to go on to either of those organization's websites to see what they are recommending.  We will be tailoring their recommendations to fit our situation keeping in mind our local and provincial authorities.  While we work on the protocols, Tomko will be coming to fix the cracks on the courts later in this upcoming week and you will have beautifully smooth and safe courts to play on soon!  


In the meantime, for those who have not yet done so, please renew your memberships.  The reduced rate remains in place until May 15th and shows itself at the final checkout screen when you go to pay. Sorry it's a bit confusing. 


It is likely that we will reopen in phases, with what might seem like initially tough restrictions loosening as we go along. We will be back in touch soon with the details of the first phase.


Thank you for your patience in this unprecedented time.


LRC Board

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