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Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability:


In consideration of the acceptance as a member of the Lakeshore Racquets Centre (Summerland Recreation Society) I understand and acknowledge that I am aware of the risks associated with or related to the use of the facility, including the tennis courts, squash courts, table tennis/multi purpose room, darts area, pool table and all areas of the clubhouse and grounds, and agree that Lakeshore Racquets Centre, its directors, employees, volunteers, officials, sponsors, agents, coaches, instructors or independent contractors will not be held responsible for any accident, injury or loss however caused and agree to release the Centre from all claims which may arise as a result of, or by reason of, such accidents or loss.

By reading and approving this document you will waive or give up certain legal rights,

including the right to sue or claim compensation following an accident


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